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10th Birthday Coffee: Ethiopia - Ismael Hassen Aredo - Natural

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Juicy lime with jasmine, berries and chocolate.


Category - Adventurous 


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Roast - Espresso & Filter

Origin - Ethiopia
Farm - Kayon Mountain Farm
Producer - Ismael Hassen Aredo
Region - Guji
Process - Natural

Import Partner - Cafe Imports

To celebrate our 10th Birthday we are releasing one of our yearly staple coffees that is a staff and customer favourite every year. This delicious coffee comes from Ismael Hassen Aredo's Ksyon Mountain Farm in Ethiopia.

Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is situated 510 kilometers south of Addis Ababa and spans 500 hectares, with 300 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation. The farm straddles the villages of Taro and Sewana in the Oromia region's Guji zone within Ethiopia's Shakiso district.

Ismael Hassen Aredo and his family have owned and managed the farm since 2012. Ismael oversees a team of 25 permanent full-time employees and 300 seasonal workers. The farm provides free transportation services and contributes to the construction of schools and administration buildings for the local community. To attract seasonal workers, who are also sought after by a neighboring mining village, Ismael offers competitive wages to encourage their return year after year.

Kayon Mountain farm boasts an on-site nursery and employs shade trees like acacia for coffee protection and compost production. Ismael prioritizes meticulous farm management, from cultivation to processing, resulting in the production of both Natural and Washed coffee lots on the property.

This years Kayon Mountain lot is very juicy and complex and makes a super enjoyable espresso or filter option.

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